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Companion “brew along” set to follow the Brew Puerh like a Pro course, 18 grams per each tea (enough for 2-3 sessions for most people).

Available both in a standard set, with 5 puerh I brew during the videos, and an extended set that adds a second puerh, chosen to be most instructive or simply the second tea brewed in the video (I brew one tea in some videos and two teas in other). I strongly recommend getting the extended set if you can.

These are all excellent teas (T4- to full T5 range) and they’re offered at about ~30-40% less than their normal prices to facilitate the course, enjoy!

The “Standard” set includes these 5 teas (90 grams in total), in the main picture:

The “Extended” set includes these other 5 teas (180 grams in total):

Want to get something else to complement this set? Get a cake of 1990s JiangCheng, or a triangle of 2016 Gold Mark Gua Feng Zhai


Standard set (90 grams), Extended set (180 grams)

2 reviews for Brew Puerh like a Pro

  1. Livia R. (verified owner)

    Between the videos on ‘how to brew like a pro’ and the teas I am really having a fantastic experience. Soon. will order more!

  2. James White (verified owner)

    Amazing Teas . I’ve always been a Shou Puerh drinker .. Paolo and Una have brought me over to the light side with their exquisite teas and their deep knowledge

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