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Modern puerh sucks, it’s either way too astringent (too rough) or without much flavour and depth (too light).

It also generally doesn’t have enough aftertaste, huigan and thickness, attributes required to make Puerh not just a beverage but something much more “solid” and long lasting. We want smooth, but with good bitterness and dense flavour.

Puerh.uk was originally set up as a reaction to the unbearable lightness of modern Puerh: we wish to offer a heavier, more traditional alternative to the current “Pulong” (puerh-oolong) trend. Pulongs are palatable when low quality and therefore easier to sell without aging, but ultimately we personally find them empty of meaning and purpose (unbearably light).

This tasting flight is a great introduction to proper, heavy, substantial tea, with four semi-aged sheng Puerh around Tier 4 and an older sheng puerh cake.

25 grams of each:

  • 2017 Green Mark GuoGan
  • 2015 YuanYuanTang Ban Po Lao Zhai
  • 2014 Green Mark MengSa
  • 2012 BHYJ Yuema Wangong
  • 1999-2003 Mr Chen’s Jia Ji Green Mark

Want to get something else to complement this set? Get a cake of 1990s JiangCheng or a sample of 2014 CYH Yiwu Chawang.

Need something to brew the tea with? Gongfu tea ceremony starter kit.

1 review for The unbearable lightness of modern Puerh

  1. James White (verified owner)

    Loving the exploration .. It’s all changing my view of Sheng : )

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