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  • Thick, strong + smooth taste
  • Taiwan natural storage
  • Excellent price for aged experience

Late 90s-early 2000s custom production from a friend in Taiwan, there’s a lot of strength (indicative of big tree and possibly even old tree) despite the aggressive aging. He sold it to me for a very good price and I thought to extend everyone else the favour, enjoy! 🙂

Calming Qi, strong and smooth taste make this cake a great deal if you like old tea flavour. Old tea of the same quality is easily sold for $300-$500 (and even more for some brands).

This is strongly recommended to almost everyone (the only exception is if you like just very dry storage, as this tea is quite dark and aged already).

~357grams “iron” cake (but not as compressed as a traditional iron cake).


16 grams, full cake


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