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  • Thick, strong + smooth taste
  • Taiwan natural storage
  • Excellent price for aged experience

Late 90s-early 2000s custom production from a friend in Taiwan, there’s a lot of strength (indicative of big tree and possibly even old tree) despite the aggressive aging. He sold it to me for a very good price and I thought to extend everyone else the favour, enjoy! 🙂

Calming Qi, strong and smooth taste make this cake a great deal if you like old tea flavour. Old tea of the same quality is easily sold for $300-$500 (and even more for some brands).

This is strongly recommended to almost everyone (the only exception is if you like just very dry storage, as this tea is quite aged already).

~357grams “iron” cake (but not as compressed as a traditional iron cake).


7 grams, 25 grams, full cake

9 reviews for 1990s JiangCheng

  1. Francis (verified owner)

    Amazingly good for the price – cant go wrong. Strong and concentrated aged flavor and mild and comfortable qi. Agree with description that this is recommended for pretty much anyone.

  2. Corey siles (verified owner)

    As mentioned, this is for everybody and I would highly recommend.
    The main flavour is reminiscent of black tea to me.
    There is a a bit of early wet storage taste but it is not dominant.
    Plenty of strength and overall a very satisfying brew. Incredible value for the price and I’m glad I got a cake.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable yet affordable. Wet storage does come through but not even close to being a dealbreaker. Material lasts a lot longer than I expected for something of this price. Highly recommend, looking forward to getting more soon.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Stefan (verified owner)

    Beet root, cream and vanilla, wood and clean forest floor on the nose. The first brews are mild, but with nice complexity. There is some freshness in the throat and tingling in the mouth. Slightly creamy aftertaste, oily mouthfeel and an aroma of nuts and wood that coats the mouth. Nice aging notes. Shifts to root cellar notes and more woodiness in later steeps. Great drinking experience at a great price! Will give me a lot of pleasure in the years to come.

  6. Dana Paull (verified owner)

    This is a great value for tea with some age. Flavor is strong and still producing great soup after 6 steeps.

    I love the earthy and woody notes, but started with an aroma almost floral. I enjoyed some lasting taste in the throat and a gentle qi that provided a quiet relaxation. Highly enjoyable

  7. Guillaume C. (verified owner)

    Thought I’d mention there is a distinctive mineral aftertaste to be found after a few (short) brews, which in my opinion is enough to give this cake 5 stars. Reminds me of delicious late-70s small sheng bricks I was lucky enough to enjoy. In short, it’s extremely satisfying (yes, it may be a bit aggressively aged, but honestly that doesn’t spoil the experience at all) and the price removes any doubt about the number of stars.

  8. Elian (verified owner)

    Smooth and easy to drink, harder for me to over brew compared to other teas that have been labelled as from old tea trees etc. Enjoyable and kind of calmness. New to the gongfu way 🙂 so I’m sure there are a lot subtle aspects of the tea for me to discover. Definitely out of my normal price point in try teas but definitely worth the investment.

  9. Michael S. (verified owner)

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