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  • Classic good tasting 7542 recipe with a fair amount of old and big tree leaves in it
  • Excellent clean Taiwan natural storage
  • Full thick taste, calming Qi

“Serious Formula”, also known as “Conscientious prescription” (commissioned by the Hong Kong Henry company to DaYi) simply put, it’s much better than DaYi’s 7542 (which is very much the reference factory cake) of the period, and this is mostly due to its superior composition, with more old tree than DaYi’s.

The storage on this batch is great, the best I tried of various 7542s of the period, I’m happy to recommend this to anyone wishing to understand why (DaYi) 7542 is the reference recipe for puerh, to have a great factory cake to age for longer, or simply to enjoy now as it’s pretty thick and fun to drink.

With traditional processing, it delivers both classic old tea taste (without storage) and a corresponding calming Qi, at a very moderate price for what it is.

Unfortunately, I only managed to get a tong before the price increased, if you want to buy a tong or more feel free to contact us, this is a good one to age to eventually get the same feeling of famous 80s-90s factory cakes and its price is steadily going up with time.

~357grams cake.


7 grams, 25 grams, 1/4 slice, full cake


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