Sharing excellence

Ancient trees plant young trees

For each cake you buy, we will plant one tree on your behalf.

You will then receive a certificate with the details of the area where it was planted.

We partnered with the excellent OblongTrees who impressed us for three main reasons:

  • They spend all the money they receive to pay planters to plant real trees (as opposed to many charities with much less transparent structures)
  • They do not allow double-counting (when someone plant a tree on behalf of someone and then sells carbon credit against them later)
  • They are not about green-washing, they check their planters really do exactly what we pay for: plant a real tree.

We benefit so greatly from ancient trees, to plant a few new ones it’s the least we can do.

We’re under no impression we’re saving the world, but it’s a start.

And we like the idea of a bit more trees in the world.

As of 15th november 2022, we’ve planted 410 trees.

Below you can see the tree distribution, CO2 sequestered and other info (data can be outdated at times, will eventually be updated)

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