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With many years of experience in sourcing high quality aged sheng puerh we are now providing specialty tea shops, fine dining restaurants, wine shops and artistic projects with high and very high quality Puerh.

We have a network of distributors and collectors in Taiwan that we have carefully vetted over the years. We guarantee authenticity of tea we sell and only deal in tea cakes that do not have high counterfeit problems (that is to say, high quality tea that is very difficult to convincingly fake).

Price/quality ratio in Taiwan is excellent compared to mainland China and as such we can provide better quality tea already aged at better prices than new tea coming from mainland. Indeed, our main wholesale clients are both in the west and in Asia.

Our specialties:

  • We vet tea for clean storage, and can source tea classified as dry taiwan storage, natural taiwan storage and traditional taiwan storage (if one so chooses).
  • We have a lot of experience with buying the best taiwanese boutique brands (Chen Yuan Hao, BHYJ, Bi Yun Hao, Gan En, etc…) and have access to private label productions of even higher quality.
  • We have access to 100% pure ancient tree single estate productions from various areas in Yunnan and Myanmar, including Yiwu both inside and outside state protected forest (BoHeTang, ManSong, TongQingHe, GuaFengZhai, Chawangsu, etc…), and other top areas in Menghai and Lincang (LaoBanZhang, Baka, BingDao, etc…)
  • We have a limited range of cost-effective tea punching well above its price
  • We can arrange for custom wrappers
  • We speak Chinese and have deep knowledge of Puerh and the taiwanese and western market

We have invested many years and over £150,000 buying single cakes and samples from various sources, 95% of those sources are worthless for one reason or another (most often storage or price/quality ratio too low, less frequently fakes). You get access to the 5% good sources without having to make the same investment.

As we’ve bought hundreds of thousands of £ worth of tea, you get much better pricing than available anywhere else.

Sounds good? Shoot us a line: info@puerh.uk or @puerh.uk – please include as much details about what you need as possible.

Free express (~3 days) shipping for most orders over £100 / $225 / €300!