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Old Puerh with strong Qi, specially for Cha Dao / Tea ceremony practice with meditation and generally as tea that helps you sitting calm for a longer time.

All the teas are pretty dark and near a fully aged profile, except the MengKu ChaWang which is semi-aged old tree material.

25 grams of each:

  • 2005 Green Mark MengKu ChaWang
  • 1998 Big Red Mark (preview)
  • 1990s Xiaguan BaoYan JinCha Special order
  • 1980s-90s Mr Chen’s Old Da Ye/”Cultural revolution” brick
  • 1980s Mr Li’s Shou brick

125 grams in total.

Want to get something else to complement this set? Get a cake of 1990s JiangCheng , a triangle of 2016 Gold Mark Gua Feng Zhai or some more very old tea: 1970s Wild old tree loose puerh.

Need something to brew the tea with? Gongfu tea ceremony starter kit.


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