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  • 1 x white teapot, 140ml
  • 3 x white cups, tulip shape, 60ml
  • 10, 50 or 150grams of Tier3-Tier4 Puerh

Plain white porcelain teapot and tulip cups, ideal to start a tea ceremony or gongfu practice. We buy these in quantity and pass them to you close to our cost price to support Slow tea sessions and beginners.

The teapot is also ideal for teas you don’t have a dedicated clay teapot for or even herbs (porcelain doesn’t retain the smell of what’s brewed inside).

If you need more Puerh to start, you can add 150grams (enough for 20-30 sessions) here, this option includes the next 4 teas for online gongfu sessions so it’s recommended if you want to participate in these sessions.


1 teapot, 3 cups, 10grams of puerh, 1 teapot, 3 cups, 50grams of puerh, 1 teapot, 3 cups, 150grams of puerh


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