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  • Genuine old tree BoHeTang by Bai Fu Hang (probably the most respected modern boutique puerh brand in Taiwan)
  • Typical minty sweetness and aftertaste
  • Intense and elegant taste
  • Perfect gift, aging or learn by drinking purchase

BoHeTang is the Yiwu tea – the flavour is so strong and yet so elegant and refined, and likewise the Qi’s strong and yet so comfortable.

T5- compared to the 2014 BHYJ BoHeTang but mostly because of age, it’ll eventually age to a full Tier 5.

These 100g cakes (only 203 were made, individually numbered) are a great opportunity to own a full cake of this amazing tea (to age, gift or drink now).

I appreciate that even the wholesale price is quite expensive for most people and I’m quite sad about it because I believe everyone motivated by pure love of tea should get to experience tea like this. The best I can do is sell them at our cost (including shipping and payment processor fees), I wish we could do even more (come over to Brighton and we’ll drink this tea together ;).

100g cakes with metal gift container, some samples available too



1g, 1/4 slice, full cake


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