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  • Classic 2000s Xi Zi Hao production
  • Deep and still complex tea
  • Clean taiwan natural storage makes for a comfortable, calming, reflective Qi

It was 2006 and Xi Zi Hao’s Mr Chen was just starting to make some of the signature teas that would make XZH the famous boutique puerh powerhouse it is today – this tea is a very good introduction to XZH in the 2000s.

This tea underwent natural/traditional storage in its early days and it’s been dried out in the last years, so it has a small amount of storage flavour in the first cups (despite the wrappers being very damaged, which asian customers care a lot about).

It has some intensity, a lot of aftertaste depth and complex layers, it’s what you get from those very bright puerh when you store for them for a long while with a decent amount of humidity.

400grams cake, 1/4 slice available.


7 grams, 25 grams, 1/4 slice, full cake

2 reviews for 2006 Xi Zi Hao – Ban Po Lao Zhai (Nannuo)

  1. Stephen (verified owner)

    This is an except brew that has longevity and super strong qi.

  2. Jeremie (verified owner)

    My first taste of a XZH. Very pleasant to drink, I was suprised by the “high pitched” note I found, I didn’t expected that, it gives it a lighter and refreshing aspect. Relaxing tea. Holds a lot of brews.

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