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  • Excellent Kunming + Taiwan dry storage
  • Smells great, super complex (many layers)
  • High % of old and ancient tree (T4)

Material is great and blended in the traditional way to ensure proper transformation with aging.

And a very slow pleasant transformation it had, this is a masterpiece of dry storage and will get even more so when keeping on dry-storing it in the west.

For now, it has spent about 10 years in Kunming (which is quite dry) developing complexity and the last 3 years in Taiwan dry storage to awaken and enliven it.

If you’re not used to dry stored puerh it will likely take more than one session to appreciate how great is it that the different taste layers are still so easily discernible and the smells of a fresh tea are all still there.

This cake has already received great reviews (see product images for a screenshot). 357g cake, available as 1/4 slice (approx 87g) too.

Not much is known about this tea because its wrapper reports incorrect information, our best educated guess (after sending samples to a few very experienced friends) is it contains Xishuangbanna old tree material, and it was made sometime around or before 2010.

This tea was previously known as 2003 Yiwu “Wangong” according to the informations written on the wrapper, I now believe both year and provenance to be definitely incorrect.

Our review

Early 2010s old tree dry storage review



7 grams, 25 grams, 1/4 slice, full cake

2 reviews for Early 2010s Old Tree dry storage (T4)

  1. Stephen (verified owner)

    I had about 13+ steeps out of the leaf. Quite lovely.

  2. Nick M. (verified owner)

    Wet leaves have powerful perfumed wood aromas. Flavour is rather like Earl Grey and is a bit overwhelming, not very Puerh in character, aside from a nice salivation off a point of bitterness that’s attractive.

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