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  • Understand what “King of Puerh” really means
  • Pure (100%) Ancient banzhang+lao banzhang trees
  • Taiwan natural storage has started transforming it

See 2017 Cheng Sheng Hao Banzhang for full description and to buy a full brick


200 grams bricks, sample size sold in 3g increments because this tea is very powerful (people generally use about half of their normal sample size)


3 grams, 7 grams, full brick

1 review for 2017 Chen Sheng Hao Banzhang Ancient tree brick 3g (T4-)

  1. Luke R (verified owner)

    This is an amazing tea. My first steep was very quick so none of the flavour really came though, but all the same there was something delicious about it. The proper brews convinced me that this is certainly the best lbz I’ve tried.
    It is powerful, but I never found it hard to drink like many younger shengs which are really undrinkable. This just has a clean and pure taste.
    Definitely worth the money for a session. I will buy more.

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