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  • Genuine ancient tree BoHeTang guaranteed by BHYJ (one of the very best boutique brands in Taiwan)
  • Typical minty sweetness and aftertaste
  • Intense and elegant taste
  • Thanks to collector generosity, priced much better than 2021-2022 ancient tree BoHeTang
  • A tea to shake one’s understanding of Puerh, both in terms of taste and Qi

BoHeTang is the Yiwu tea – the flavour is so strong and yet so elegant and refined, and likewise the Qi’s strong and yet so comfortable. If you have tried it, you know it.

In 2014 BoHeTang (BHT) was recently discovered, the environment extremely clean and the very well respected “gushu boutique” BHYJ managed to come up with this absolutely impressive BHT ancient tree cake.

These days, even if the same quality was possible, market prices are much higher than this ($2000-$3000 for a 100% ancient tree cake, less for younger trees or blends).

This is very powerful tea, and as such it’s made quite the few brown spots on the (beautifully hand-painted) wrappers. Good news for us, this contributes to price being a bit lower than market. Also second good news: it proves just how powerful and alive this tea is

When you drink it, save the wash and drink it after the session – it will taste of the unique intense mint sweetness of BoHeTang (translates to “Mint pond”)

This is a very rare opportunity to try an aged BHT, and at an extremely attractive price. It’s an internal retention cake as well, here is the reference on BHYJ’s website.

Same great storage (something between natural and dry taiwanese storage, very clean) as all of our other BHYJ cakes.

380g cakes with hand painted wrappers, a few 1/4 slices (approx. 90g) available and also by the gram.



1g, 1/4 slice, full cake

4 reviews for 2014 BHYJ BoHeTang (T5)

  1. Jaspuer (verified owner)

  2. Niklas (verified owner)

  3. Dani Zoltán (verified owner)

    For me, in terms of taste, this is my favourite tea from here. For sure it’s maybe the most elegant intense kind of Yiwu that I have tasted, but the most prominent thing that I would mention is a very singular umami effect that I haven’t experienced in any puerh. It’s hard to describe. Not the gyokuro kind of umami, of course, it is not the taste, just the effect on the tongue. Very unique, amazing tea.

  4. Nicholas C.

    Excellent does not even begin to describe this tea. It is hard to put words together describe this exceptional tea. If you let it cool you can definitely taste the mint! This tea stands out from all others I have had in my life.

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