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  • Mr Chen’s home Taiwan dry storage
  • Thick, sweet, complex taste
  • Calming and patient Qi

There’s actually a lot of old tea in Taiwan at much more reasonable prices than in mainland China, unfortunately most of what is found in Taiwan is too wet stored. Mr Chen, a personal friend of ours, old time collector, bought a few tongs of various teas during the 90s and early 2000s (before prices skyrocketed), and has been storing them in his home (dryly!) since.

This kind of tea in China sells for crazy money, it’s very lucky we’ve access to these at all, Mr Chen has sold them to us at a very generous price and we pass the great deal on to you.

This yellow mark (identified as a recipe close to a 8582 although it has more elegant taste than the usual 8582) has great quality leaves (just look at the pictures) with good strength, the combination makes for the proper 90s aged taste. The dry storage leaves a few different layers to the tea to enjoy.

For lovers of (strong) old tea and particularly dry-stored complex sheng puerh, this tea is a great find.

357g cakes nominal, weight loss over the years because of aging



7 grams, 25 grams, 1/4 slice, full cake

3 reviews for 1990s Mr Chen’s Yellow Mark

  1. Nick M. (verified owner)

    Mid amber, clear soup, evidently very dry stored. Wet leaves in pot have mild aromatic wood aromas, whereas the soup is immediately sweet, honeyed and minty. Takes a few brews to get going; the early running being a bit underwhelming and showing a fair bit of processing in the pot and on the back palate. After a handful of steeps and with a long brew cycle, the tea steps up with much more intensity, more complexity, more piquant spiced notes and durable sweetness. I’d suggest a really good wash with this tea ahead of getting started with a session.

  2. Jeremie (verified owner)

    After 2 sessions, I can say I like this tea. It is indeed clearly dry stored. Cake is easy to break. Leaves are beautiful. Smell is nice, I found some beetroot. Taste is evolving. It starts quite light and then goes more thick and complex. But it remains sweet even with longer steeps. Good huigan. Endurance is top, I finished my 2 sessions the day after. Feeling is comfy, this is a nice evening tea. Thank you for this opportunity!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Smoth and thick. feels very nice and comfortable on the body. No bitterness or astringentcy.

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