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  • 100% pure old and ancient tree leaves
  • Unspoiled, super clean environment
  • Long lasting complex ancient tree taste and Qi
  • Strong, unique huigan (returning sweetness)

Ethereal flavours and Qi match the unmistakeable clean ancient tree drinking feeling.

There actually are quite a few very clean old trees in Guo Gan (the chinese name of Kokang, Myanmar), the problem is that often the processing is not up to par to make proper puerh.

This cake has been made by some Taiwanese friends and the processing is really top notch, already plenty of thick-sweetness (given the young age) to go with the natural intense sweet aftertaste and a lot of potential for aging into a masterpiece.

The very strong fresh aftertaste has been compared to Lao Ban Zhang, though this is the only similarity to LBZ, this tea really has its own character, different from puerh found inside China puerh and very worth drinking on its own.

Can it be called “puerh”? Call it how you like it, as far as I’m concerned it’s far better than a lot of puerh from inside Yunnan and it’s certainly processed like the kind of puerh cakes we hunt for.


Just like the other Puerh.uk Green Mark Tier 4 Series (Meng Sa), tea of this quality is often sold for 2-3 times this price, enjoy!

Puerh.uk Green Mark Tier 4 Series Introduction
  • Genuine old tree puerh from clean natural tea gardens
  • What real tea masters make for themselves and their friends
  • Exclusive pressings only obtainable with relationships (guanxi)
  • Very high quality/price ratio

The best tea is not for sale, it’s available only through relationships. Tiny productions made by real puerh masters for themselves and their friends, originally in white paper or with minimal wrappers.

Tier 4 is about 0.1% of available Puerh, with medium-high % of old and ancient tree leaves and with all taste qualities easily detectable, tea that is very rarely found on the open market.

Years of relationships went into obtaining small amounts of this tea, because it’s generally not commercially available we’re able to offer it at a very moderate price for the very high quality. The only catch: we can usually only get a small quantity.

400g cakes.


7g, 25g, triangle, full cake

5 reviews for 2017 Green Mark Guo Gan (T4)

  1. Nick M.

    Really clean aromas and a sensation of purity. A young, ostensibly delicate tea but beguiling for the intensity that follows. Floral aromas, real volume, some spice, a little firmness but really no bitterness. There’s a mild fruitiness. Overall a very smooth and pleasant experience with a core to the tea that quietly builds.

  2. Remo Eerma (verified owner)

    Really good ‘drinking’ Tea ! Truly flawless taste experience – very round and rich taste, infused with notes of honey. Qi is not the deepest like for T5, but it is still noticeably calming and inspiring and potent enough to serve on a ceremony, too. You can confidently serve this tea for your good friends, either fluent or not in tea and puerh :).

  3. Stefan (verified owner)

    The leaf smells multilayered; forest floor in late summer without any musty notes. Some mintiness. The soup has notes of ripe plums, wood (larch? not the typical woodiness), clove and camphor. Interesting texture. Some dryness is present, but makes a nice grip; pleasant mouthfeel. After a few infusions, there is a warming Qi that comes in waves. Clear aromas. Clean taste. Pleasant experience.

  4. Dean (verified owner)

    Grandpa brewed was ok

  5. Michael S. (verified owner)

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