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  • Contains a good amount of old tree leaves
  • Complex, long-lasting, deep taste and Qi
  • Good example of aged pure single estate Yiwu

From Yishanmo garden in Mansa/Yiwu, a deeply interesting cake, with complexity to be discovered over a few (or many) sessions.

You also get all the standard high quality Yiwu characteristics: sweet, smooth, good aftertaste.

There’s only a few cakes, we won’t be able to re-stock at this price or at all.

Approx. 380g cakes


7g, 25g, 1/4 slice, full cake, 1 tong

1 review for 2012 BHYJ Zhenwu (Yishanmo)

  1. Nick M. (verified owner)

    Very clean floral nose, wet leaves show very clean, floral aromas in the pot. Practically pot pourri. Semi-mature shining amber coloured soup. Brews easily. Classic, persistent aromas out of the bowl with a touch of camphor and moss resolving to peachy/ pandan sweetness and a vein of freshness that adds a mouthwatering kick. As the session progresses an underlying firmness from the polyphenols builds up, offset with a nice thickness to the soup. I imagine there’s room for this to develop further over the next few years, and accordingly I’m going to tuck it away for some time.

    Lovely semi-mature tea, seemingly from natural storage, that feels like there’ll be a few more layers to reveal in time, and that’s already aromatically very expressive. Good value.

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