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  • Old tree cake with traditional “factory” processing
  • Really intense and very comfortable taste and Qi
  • Taiwanese hot+dry storage

A traditionally processed cake from old tree leaves, made by a small taiwanese producer that only sells 1tong+1cake to any single person, this is very high on the list of rare and exclusive old tree tea made in the early 2000s as part of the taiwanese “gushu” puerh revival movement. Like for CYH, the name “Tong Chang Hao” is a homage to an old puerh producer.

Comes from the same collector as our CYH 04 Song Pin Hao, CYH 07 Yiwu Chawang, he reckons this Jia He Tang is about the same quality or better as the various 03-05 CYH and he’s been storing it himself since the 2000s. For a 2004 tea, the storage is so clean and yet developed, people that understand dry storage will especially love this.

Not recommended for beginners, the depth in this tea will take brewing finesse to express. Its power lies not just in a plain sweetness and thickness but a deep, complex taste with sweet/sour aftertaste and notes, reminiscent of CYH 2004 Song Pin Hao.

The taste can be remarkably intense without bitterness/astringency spike, and likewise Qi is a very quick, strong but comfortable hit.

Excellent price/quality on this one, the only drawback compared to similar Chen Yuan Hao and Bi Yun Hao cakes of the same age is that it lacks some patience. I suggest using about 20% more of this tea than you normally would, it’s so comfortable that it can take a heavy brewing hand too.

1 tong only, can’t be re-stocked. Cakes were packaged without wrapper in the tong, we’ll wrap them in white paper for you.

Approx. 357g cakes, available as 1/4 slice too (approx. 85g).


7g, 25g, 1/4 slice, full cake

3 reviews for 2004 Jia He Tang “Tong Chang Hao” Yiwu (T4)

  1. Alex (verified owner)

  2. Dani Zoltán (verified owner)

    Just wonderful, exactly my genre. Raw, powerful smell, with slight smoke and lots of fruit. Almost impossible to get this style of aging, from this era.

  3. Natethesnake (verified owner)

    Big thick, great huigan, big camphor and cooling effect. Great stamina. Has the resiny bitterness of an old school processed sheng with the rough edges smoothed out by perfect storage. The qi is strong and deep but totally comfortable, meditative and euphoric. This tea is quite dynamic and can differ greatly between sessions but never disappoints. I can honestly say I prefer this to many of the CYH teas. It almost reminds me of a hybrid between of a CYH and a burlier Dragon Teahouse cake. So glad I bought a cake of this and wish more was available. If you read this do yourself a favor and buy a sample while you can

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