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  • Pure ancient tree Yiwu Guoyoulin (protected state forest) taste
  • Intense scents, aftertaste and Qi
  • Extremely natural, clean and bright (from unmanaged ancient trees)
  • Thanks to collector generosity, costs less than 2021-2022 ancient tree Xiang Chun Lin (just 1£/g, approx 1.25$/g)

Only discovered (as a tea garden) in 2011, Xiang chun lin is a great example of pure ecological environment with wild-growing ancient trees and a unique character that really expresses the true nature of Puerh from unmanaged ancient trees

To find this gem, I tried over 15 more 2012-2015 BHYJ single estate productions, this is the one that stood out by much (together with the 2014 BHYJ BoHeTang, of course). It’s a limited edition production, and there’s only 1 tong of it available.

While BHYJ of this age often use very high quality pure ancient tree material, the processing of many cakes makes them bit too weak and bland. Not so for this tea, it’s got the beautiful forest strength and character well preserved despite the age.

Same great storage (something between natural and dry taiwanese storage, very clean) as all of our other BHYJ cakes, enhances depth while preserving the complex aromas and unique character of the tea.

Get a free sample of 2014 BHYJ Bohetang when buying a full cake!

380g cakes with beautiful unique hand painted wrappers, a few 1/4 slices (approx. 90g) available.



7g, 25g, 1/4 slice, full cake

4 reviews for 2014 BHYJ Chun Yue Xiang Chun Lin (T4+)

  1. Dani Zoltán (verified owner)

    Very natural taste, and great aging material for sure.

  2. MHQ (verified owner)

    Beautiful, emotional, no loose-ends, completely structured, shy at the beginning, unfolds with patience and grows in complexity and care; lily of the Nile, mineral rocks meet warm pine tree wood drying off in the sunlight after rain

  3. Nick M. (verified owner)

    A tea that gradually and subtly reveals more of its potential. Immediately intense nose at first couple of steeps (in small Zisha clay pot); moss, cool chilli, plum skins. The immediately sweet, spiced palate is lifted by gentle, cleansing astringency. In spite of the up-front sweetness, early steeps finish with mild tannins, which have pretty much resolved by the 5th/ 6th brew. Soup becomes more defined through a session, aromas transform into forest floor/ leaf humus, and the palate shifts to an earthier tone and is more complex.

  4. Aleksei Kurtsanov (verified owner)

    I had a pleasure while drinking it.

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