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  • Really strong sweetness and bitterness
  • Very powerful Qi
  • From wild-growing (standard varietal) old trees in Yiwu (secret location)
  • Stored as maocha from 2015 to 2020, before pressing, gives it unique characteristics

A truly exceptional tea, the Qi is super powerful and so is the taste, there’s tons of sweetness and bitterness at the same time, with little astringency. Very well balanced strong tea. For these reasons, I nicknamed it “The Beast”

The maker calls it “Legacy” (or “Inheritance”). It’s a tea he selected for his 60th birthday to share with his students and friends, his legacy left to them. He is also the maker of our 2014 Puerh.uk Green Mark Meng Sa

He doesn’t sell this tea publicly and offered it to me when he heard I was coming to visit. I’ll be aging this tea for myself for the long term, though it’s very ready to drink now.

While beginners will probably like this a lot, I particularly can imagine more seasoned puerh drinkers being wowed by the refreshing strength of this tea and its uniqueness (due to aging as maocha before pressing, which gives it strong sweetness even though it’s relatively young). I certainly was.

I think the pricing is pretty great given the very high quality. I give T5- instead of T5 only because it’s a bit young and it has a touch of astringency, but I really think this tea will age well (into full T5) given how much strength it has. It’s the only younger tea I bought a big quantity of to age myself.

357g cakes


7 grams, 25 grams, 1/4 slice, full cake

1 review for 2020 Fu Shun Gao Legacy/”The Beast” (T5-)

  1. Nick M.

    Captivating floral aromas with frankincense-like aromatics without any woodiness. Ignore the pressing date being from loose Macha that’s older. Light to mid amber soup.

    The soup has great thick texture, fresh high notes that are mouth-watering without any astringency, and the expected cooling aftertaste.

    Great intensity and Qi.

    Really gets going from 4th or 5th brew on, when the previously relatively unevolved, primary tea flavour starts to pick itself apart and show more of its make up.

    Very powerful, needs serious time, albeit without the bitterness (to my receptors) I was expecting. Still, one for the distant future for the taste-to-come and layers that will reveal, effective already for its considerable mind stopping power!

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