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  • Classic Yiwu sweet taste with full body and deep aroma
  • Big tree + old tree blend from Yiwu
  • Taiwan dry/natural storage (clean, but well aged)

This cake combines strong Yiwu sweetness with good backbone (hint of bitterness, good thickness and aftertaste), very good aroma and even long-lasting patience. San He She is a village in southern Yiwu known for strong honey-flavour tasting puerh.

This a really good example of proper Yiwu tea of this age. It’s higher quality than the YYT 2010 Manla Tianmenshan (can be brewed pretty hard and comes out smooth and thick). This one seems to have some old trees in the blend and clean big tree for the rest.

Qi is not very strong (a bit of mild calming effect), but that’s just about the only negative thing to say about it. Very pleasant well stored aged Yiwu at pretty great price, enjoy!

~375grams cake.


7 grams, 25 grams, 1/4 slice, full cake

1 review for 2009 Yuan Yuan Tang San He She (Yiwu)

  1. Nick M.

    Already well aged, golden amber, autumnal aromas express from the bowl and gently perfumed aromatics from the pot. Very balanced from the off, the tea has a notable core of intensity that swells in the mouth. There’s a gentle point of acidity that provides a mouthwatering response. Very comfortable from the first brew. The strong point of this tea is its transformation mid session as it sweetens up considerably cools the palate, and is durable, even providing a few brews of sweet water the following day. Very enjoyable.

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