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  • Big tree Puerh from the area known today as TianMenShan
  • Taiwan dry/natural storage (clean, but well aged)
  • Thick, sweet taste and good aroma

Yuan Yuan Tang is one of the original first taiwanese “boutique brands” and this is a cake they made in ManLa in a famous area that people today call TianMenShan (as confirmed by the maker). It has some nice thick-sweetness, good aroma and everything you’d expect from a greater Yiwu tea of this age. The Qi is not very strong but besides that, it’s really pretty good tea.

We’ve got a very nice deal on a few tongs of his tea so we pass it on to you, really excellent quality/price here. 2022 tea cakes of the same quality and area cost more than this. To be clear, this is the kind of tea that most producers will sell as “ancient trees”.

~375grams cake.


7 grams, 25 grams, 1/4 slice, full cake

1 review for 2010 Yuan Yuan Tang Manla (TianMenShan)

  1. Chris G (verified owner)

    Incredibly moorish, very happy with this purchase, perfect clean storage!

    Thick and very sweet that keeps me very interested throughout the session.
    first half of the session I would have believed this to be from very old tress. Amazing price point on this, I think I need to order another!

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