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  • Old tree cake with traditional “factory” processing
  • Really intense and very comfortable taste and Qi
  • Choose what you pay; everything over £150 goes to Ermanno’s Phoenix Mobile Tea House fundraising

In short:

  • Our tea brother Ermanno’s tea project and all possessions burnt down
  • He has lived a life of service, never trying to acquire wealth, instead he has helped countless people directly and in their projects
  • He wishes to serve Puerh tea to people (for free) as a way of giving some peace, happiness and beauty to them
  • We are raising money to buy him a van to live in and use as Mobile Tea House

I appreciate that there are both many that would like this tea and found it unaffordable despite the high quality (there’s not much we can do about old old tree yiwu market price), and for some others perhaps it is affordable but you haven’t got to try it yet… so here’s your chance to both contribute to Ermanno’s puerh dream and/or have 1 cake of this tea for a bit less

How it works:

  • You will pay £150 here (add to cart as usual)
  • Make a donation on the Ermanno’s mobile tea house GoFundMe campaign (and please let us know)
  • Suggested donation is £150 to arrive at the same price we usually sell it at
  • If you can afford it, consider a £200 donation
  • If you can’t, something around £75 is probably fair, but we trust your judgement, please exercise your generosity according to what you can afford
  • This cake is excellent price/quality ratio at its normal price of £300 (~$375)

There’s more info about the tea on its page: 2004 Jia He Tang “Tong Chang Hao”

If you’d like to write anything for Ermanno we would be very grateful to receive it; you can do so by submitting a “review” in this page, there is a reviews tab just under the pictures and you can write there. Or on instagram @phoenixteahouse. Thank you!

3 cakes available. If you will pay less than £300 including donation, one cake only.



25 grams, 1/4 slice, full cake


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