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This bundle is the next 4 teas we will be drinking on Slow Tea online gongfu sessions (the list of teas is available on the event page on slow tea). It’s offered as a convenient way to get a few teas at once, but you may find it easier to get the specific teas by themselves.

There is (at least) 7g per tea. If you want more, simply order multiples of this product (order 2, we’ll add 20% extra, order 3, we’ll add 30% extra).

Last day to get tea for a specific session

  • In the UK: 3 days before
  • Outside the UK with express shipping: 5 days before
  • Outside the UK with standard shipping: 2-3 weeks depending on country

We’ll try to be smart and put the right tea to enable you to participate in online sessions, it’s easier for everyone if you order in good time. Please no request for exceptions on this product, if you want something different buy the single teas by themselves.

Please also note that if you have ordered any tea that’s not yet ready to ship, we’ll ship everything together including this kit.

If you also need a small teapot and cups, buy the gongfu tea ceremony starter kit instead.



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