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  • Priority access to 2001 MengSa, 2011 CYH Ding Jia Zhai, 2011 CYH Yiwu Chawang
  • At least 3 more priority releases
  • Gift: a 357g big cake of 2013 Xiaguan FT Love Forever Bamboo Tong (not valid for Paypal)

Buying this plan entitles you to the same amount of ‘advance credit’ to buy TCE² teas with. For example in USD, cost is $600 and this means you have $600 to spend on TCE² teas.

You have until the end of 2024 to finish your advance credit.

Note: gift only available when using debit/credit card payment (not Paypal)

Note: We can’t guarantee all of the teas will still be available by the time you sign up. We have quite a lot of 2001 MengSa so at least 1 will be available for you.

See Taiwan Collector Experience² for more details about the TCE²

A closer look to the cakes on offer in the first release:


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