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  • Experience how CYH tea ages in CYH’s own dry storage
  • 4 pure ancient tree teas in 2022 and a different vintage (total of 8 teas)
  • Excellent quality Yiwu teas by Chen Yuan Hao

While talking with Mr Chen we were discussing how to show westerners how pure ancient tree puerh will age in dry storage similar to what is found in their homes, so we came up with the idea of providing this set of total 8 teas (4 teas, each in 2 vintages).

My impression is that both the 2022 and the older tea are really seriously good yiwu tea, and that they can be aged in the west as well with similar results to what is in this sample set.

The idea being that very high quality puerh actually is pretty good when fresh because pure old tree material produces a sweet and bitter (but not very astringent) brew even when fresh, and slow dry storage (as provided by most western home environments) is actually the best way to keep this tea.

Note that I said “sweet and bitter“, not “sweet and light”, which is the case with most producers of young puerh: they process the tea a bit like an oolong and in that way make it drinkable immediately. These teas are not like this, they have plenty of strength, bitterness and character to provide to become even sweeter and thicker with aging (unlike the puerh-oolong teas, which won’t become much better).

These are some of my notes on storing and aging puerh in the west, I’ll write and share more about this topic in the next few weeks, particularly in regard to storing the kind of tea proposed in this set.

The teas:

  • Yiwu ChaWang 2022 and 2014 or 2011 (TBA): the main yearly CYH cake
  • Yiwu ZhengShan 2022 and 2015: the second yearly CYH cake (in the pictures)
  • Man Xiu 2022 and 2020: a Yiwu village I particularly like
  • Yun Tian Hao 2022 and 2020: a blend of various yiwu villages

25g x 8 = 200g total


25grams x 8 teas = 200grams


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