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  • 100% pure ancient tree ChaWangShu
  • Sweet, enveloping, aggressively dense taste and aftertaste
  • The strongest (and most well balanced) taste Yiwu has to offer
  • Also the strongest Qi Yiwu has to offer

Compared to the older 2016 Chen Yuan Hao ChaWangShu this has a more aggressive taste, addictive bittersweetness, a bit stronger aromatics (top notch in both teas really), more upward-energy Qi. However the leaves material and quality are very similar, so you can think of this as a more “pure”, not-changed-by-aging version of this tea.

The “holy trinity” of Puerh for newcomers is generally considered to be ManSong, BoHeTang and LaoBanZhang. but ChaWangShu is the hidden gem of elite Yiwu single estate, despite the price being much more affordable. Real, full powered 100% pure ancient tree CWS is rarely seen on the open market (even less than the areas above) because pros stock it up and it’s mostly reserved ahead of time.

Good in that effortless, no-faults typical of 100% pure ancient tree CYH tea, this is to my knowledge the best ChaWangShu available on the open market (by far), price/quality ratio is very good. Aged by CYH in their own dry storage environment. Brew it strong, this tea shines with richness in taste and Qi.

This tea is brewed during the first brewing video (Young sheng) of Brew Puerh like a Pro, here’s the video:

There are 6 cakes in 1 tong, buy 1tong and get an extra cake + an extra slice of Gold Mark Gua Feng Zhai.

357g cakes and approx. 85g slices.


18 grams, 1/4 slice, full cake, 1 tong (6 cakes)+1 cake


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