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  • XiGui old tree
  • Very limited production by taiwanese Boutique Cheng Shun Hao/Zizai tea house
  • Strong complex aroma (mostly floral)
  • Excellent thickness, aftertaste and durability
  • Very pleasant strong Qi

This tea has an artisanal/traditional processing that emphasises a more savoury profile upfront (less sweet). There is a very good base with thick flavour, strong aftertaste, comparatively low astringency that’s unmistakably old tree material, even if is processed in the manner of early 2000s factory teas and less like modern gushu (which tends to be much sweeter immediately).

There is good sweetness in the second half of the session and there will be more and more as it ages. In Lincang, XiGui is the only area beside BingDao I think it’s really worth drinking and searching for, and this tea is a great example of it.

This listing is for 7 grams.


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