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  • Full flavour, intense aroma
  • Wangong typical “forest sweetness”
  • Best batch of this tea between 2012-2015
  • Taiwan clean natural storage

The best attributes of this tea are the marked sweet forest taste typical of Wangong (and this part of Yiwu) and good strength in taste and aftertaste (great to drink now, also good for aging further).

The excellent storage makes for a strong, full taste with some huigan and astringency added to the base sweetness, and a very long-lasting aftertaste. As the astringency transforms more and more into thickness and even more sweetness this will also become an aged cake with very good base.

BHYJ made many Yuema Wangong, the 1202 is the best and strongest tasting batch (containing a fair amount of old tree together with some big tree leaves, all very clean) we’ve tried between 2012-2015, better than the famous 2013 BHYJ/Wisteria tea house Yuema Wangong.

380g big cakes.



7g, 25g, 1/4 slice, full cake


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