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  • Pure Menghai power, complex and rich taste
  • Great aroma, bitterness and huigan (returning sweetness)
  • Strong uplifting Qi (comfortably)
  • Taiwan clean natural storage

From Duo Yi Zhai village in Bama Nannuo. The Nannuo bitterness is already a bit transformed into thick-sweetness but remains strong. Excellent choice to drink now if you like strong puerh, excellent choice to age if you like sweeter puerh.

This tea won the gold medal as new sheng puerh tea in contests by both HangZhou Tea Research Institute and World Tea Culture Communication Association Experts in 2012. BHYJ official website tells of how most of the 50s red mark leaves come from this specific area. This year is the first edition of this cake.

380g big cakes.



7g, 25g, 1/4 slice, full cake

1 review for 2012 BHYJ Butterfly Spring Dance Breeze (Nannuo)

  1. Nick M. (verified owner)

    Umami aromas from the pot in the early going transform into incense sticks/ sweet aromatics then sweet jasmin from the 3rd or 4th brew. I’d wash the leaves quickly twice to rinse out the younger tea notes. Thereafter focused and spiced depth, some grip and tertiary notes,
    sweetening and cooling the whole mouth and throat. I like how this tea evolves, sweetening, turning milky from around 8th steep, accompanied with some mild polyphenol stoniness, and then a sweet aftertaste carries on in the throat. A few twists and turns makes a this a feel good and interesting tea session. A cake to drink slowly over the next few years as it becomes
    more expansive with the resolving compounds.

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