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  • Pure ancient tree Yiwu Guoyoulin (protected state forest)
  • Classic Yiwu sweetness, aftertaste and Qi
  • Extremely pure, clean and bright (from unmanaged ancient trees)
  • Thanks to collector generosity, priced quite a bit lower even than fresh harvest Tong Qing He

While BHYJ of this age often use very high quality pure ancient tree material, the processing of many cakes makes them bit too weak and bland. Not so for this tea, it’s got the the classic intense Yiwu strength, sweetness, minerality and character well preserved despite the age.

With its brothers 2014 BHYJ Xiang Chun Lin and 2014 BHYJ Bo He Tang this cake forms another perfect example of aged clean yiwu ancient tree, super easy and comfortable to drink and yet with a lot of depth. While the other 2 are more unique, this cake is very much the classic Yiwu taste turned to the max, can be used as a reference for Yiwu Guoyoulin taste and Qi (which is deep and comfortable), there’s a good reason Tong Qing He is one of the most desirable Yiwu guoyoulin gardens.

Same great storage (something between natural and dry taiwanese storage, very clean) as all of our other BHYJ cakes, enhances depth while preserving the complex aromas and unique character of the tea. The beginner may appreciate this, the expert may really understand the “soft strength” depth of this tea.

Get a free sample of 2014 BHYJ Xiang Chun Lin when buying a full cake.

380g cakes, a few 1/4 slices (approx. 85-90g) available.


7g, 25g, 1/4 slice, full cake

1 review for 2013 BHYJ Tong Qing He (T4/T4+)

  1. Aleksei Kurtsanov (verified owner)

    I’d describe this sheng with two words: a noble one.

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