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  • Each cake is from 1 single ancient tree (Danzhu)
  • Part of BYH “Elite productions” series
  • Wild forest taste and good sweetness
  • Intense aftertaste, strong aromas, smooth
  • Clean, strong, peaceful Qi

After offering some excellent 2016 (sold out in pre-release for TCE² Hunter subscribers) pure ancient tree (as opposed to the pure old tree we previously offered) Manxiu that received raving reviews from everybody that had one, I asked BYH’s Mr Chen for more like that, and here’s the result.

A short quote of 2016 Manxiu from alex (puerh.blog) review:

“This also fits perfectly with the taste development of the tea: at first it seems rough and old school it becomes increasingly elegant, so that finer facets such as the already mentioned sweetness or a beautiful “waxy” fermentation note come into play and always offer a lot of depth and Complexity. This is very nice in that respect, as you basically have two teas in one: first a strong, almost anti-boutique-like Sheng and later a clear boutique character – very nice!”

The cakes come from a few different trees so there is a bit of possible variation, the one I tried was halfway between sweet and wild. In any case, stunning quality and as close as you can be to drinking an ancient tree with its specific character. Only 10 cakes were made.


Bi Yun Hao elite productions introduction

This brand has a lot of blended tea and big/old tree blend in various areas of Yiwu. They’re generally good but we aim for true excellence (top 0.1% of all Puerh made, Tier 4 and up), so we haven’t offered many of their standard productions.

However, the owner also presses a small amount of “elite productions” each year, these are tiny (generally 1-2kg), very serious teas (tall tree old tree, single trees, Yiwu guoyoulin/state protected forest). There’s not much available but we’re excited to finally bring this quality of BYH to you, wish you the best luck in snapping one.


7g, 25g, 1/4 slice, full cake, 1 tong


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