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  • The last of the great ageable blends?
  • Clean taiwan dry storage
  • Made by Zhou Yu, legendary proprietor of Wistaria Tea House

The blend of old tree material from different areas give this tea strength and complexity in a way that most other teas from single origin just don’t have.

Aging potential T4+, possibly T5- (5-10 years horizon time). Currently around T3+/T4-.

Description from BHYJ website (pictures also from there), a premium boutique producer from Taiwan:

The big tea tree grows in the deep mountains of Yunnan.

For hundreds of years, the branches and leaves are eaten with dew, and the sun is warm in the day, and the moon is soaked in the moon at night. [No] Pesticide damage.

The feeling of drinking tea is huge and atmospheric, and the whole body and internal organs are warm and comfortable; closing his eyes and contemplating it is like a real person riding the wind, ethereal and elegant, and he has a great spiritual freedom and endless joy.

Zhou Yu Jinzhi, founder of Wisteria

Note that often tea bought directly only from Wistaria can have off-putting storage notes, this tea has been stored by a collector in a different place and has nothing of those smells.

I understand Wistaria doesn’t sell this tea anymore (not on website and not directly either).

Note (Nov 2023): the price of this tea is now much higher than this in Taiwan.


7g, 25g, 1/4 slice, full cake

1 review for 2013 BHYJ/Wistaria Tea House Zhenren Yufeng

  1. Dean (verified owner)

    Delucious lemon fizz, deep relaxing qi. Can’t wait to order more when it restock.

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