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  • Pure old tree production
  • Sweet, thick classic Yiwu taste and aftertaste
  • Clean, peaceful Qi
  • Made to age (unlike most modern tea)

This is only the second 2022 puerh we ever sold, and for a good reason: most producers are stuck in a cycle of needing to sell puerh young and therefore process the tea closer to oolong (“pulong”) than to standard puerh processing. Pulongs are very drinkable from day 0 however struggle to get aged tea flavour and develop with time. This is why we do not produce or sell young puerh: the vast majority of what’s made simply won’t age properly.

We selected this tea among tens of ancient tree 2020-2022 samples tried because it both already has significant thickness and a “semi-aged” feel, and it has been made with processing that ensures its aging potential.

Because of the great quality of leaves used, it already drinks pretty nicely now (can be sweet, particularly when brewing at low temperatures ~85-90c), and will develop further complexity and thickness with time, a cake to age yourself and try every once in a while and compare to how the standard pulongs sold today are actually aging with time. (Here are some thoughts on how to store and age tea in the west).

Limited production: only a few cakes and a single intact tong are still available (tong purchase will be confirmed within 48 hours from order).

Approx. 357g cakes, available as 1/4 slice (approx. 75-80g).


7g, 25g, 1/4 slice, full cake, 1 tong

2 reviews for 2022 Bi Yun Hao Manxiu

  1. Christopher (verified owner)

    I brought a slice as a gamble, fresh sheng isn’t my normal go to for a session but this really impressed me!
    Qi is very comfortable especially for fresh material.

    Incredibly thick and sweet with main tasting not of honey due mellon. great session, lasts along time with no suddenly drop off. hope you enjoy.

  2. Dean (verified owner)

    Tasty, excellent texture, foam and sprinkle throat feel, steady qi.

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