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  • Pressed around ’99 (+/- 1 year)
  • Old tree Yiwu!
  • Super clean dry storage
  • Really strong Qi
  • Rich, smooth, comfortable taste
  • Really refined aromas

One of the very first special order cakes with Yiwu old tree leaves.

The dream of how old tree Yiwu would age with long-term dry storage, this is a really rare cake (cakes of this period are usually plantation, with at best big tree with arguably a bit of old tree mixed in) and very much a personal favourite.

A few notes from people who’ve tried it so far:

  • “This one is an aroma queen, so exquisite”
  • “Really strong Qi, wow”
  • “Complex sweet dry storage […] This 1999 […] is at a level above the others. […] Very yummy!”

This tea tastes a bit older than 1999 dry storage sheng and that might be either because the leaves were picked a bit earlier (and pressed in 1999) or simply because old tree puerh often drinks and feels older than plantation puerh.

Please note there is a 2002 MTF cake with a similar wrapper, which is not the same as this cake (much lower quality and leaves look completely different).

357g big cakes nominal, minimal weight loss over the years.


7g, 25g, full cake

1 review for 1999 Mr Chen’s Da Ye ZhengShan MTF Special Order

  1. Nick M.

    Exceptionally aromatic out of the gate with a savoury edge – think angelica root mixed with jasmin.

    Empty bowl is nicely perfumed too, whereas the pot has those classic autumn hay roll, very light mulch notes that are so attractive with mid-aged+ puerh.

    Totally resolved, not a hint of bitterness, a very gentle astringency as the session evolves that serves as a palate cleanser.

    Brews a mid amber, and is translucent.

    Overall a delightful sweet, aromatically attractive and resolved puerh.

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