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  • Excellent taiwanese storage
  • Yiwu old and ancient tree material
  • Continuation of legendary 2001 and 2002 CYH Yiwu productions

What do you get when you add Chen Yuan Hao’s sourcing of their main expertise area (Yiwu) and almost 20 years of good taiwanese storage?

A masterpiece aged Yiwu: purity of taste and complex layers in the first steeps, thick and sweet in the last steeps.

These cakes don’t have the original wrapper, they’re packed “naked” in the tong (which is usual for early 2000s CYH) and will be sent with the generic “Chen Yuan Hao tea shop” wrapper.

Approx. 357g cakes, available as 1/4 slice too (approx. 85g).


7g, 25g, 1/4 slice, full cake

3 reviews for 2003 Chen Yuan Hao Yiwu Ancient Tree (T4+)

  1. Penny (verified owner)

    Very nice tea and very calming!

  2. Dani Zoltán (verified owner)

    It has got an extremely unique smell, where after the first 1-2 infusions the wet leaves had a very subtle smell, barely noticable. Sour and savoury complex, and very much intact material, which screams great aging to me. Subtle complexity, mild, very old trees, but calming qi, very drinkable.

  3. Francis (verified owner)

    This is the best puerh I have ever tried. It’s not just the characteristic sweet and aged Yiwu flavor, but the unbelievably good qi that follows. I was only able to afford a sample, but its worth every penny if you can afford it. I’ve never had another puerh that made me feel quite as good as this one did.

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