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  • Truly refined aged puerh
  • Clean, smooth, sweet taste with refreshing aftertaste
  • Deep, still, peaceful Qi
  • Complex ginseng-based aroma

The shou for people that don’t like shou puerh: it’s thick and sweet like you’d expect from a shou, but it’s also so clean, has strong and deep huigan that leaves you feeling refreshed. The experience is rounded up by very complex aromas, pleasant salivation and really peaceful feeling.

Both Qi and taste wise it feels very old and calming, yet with a good depth and interest. It’s currently the only shou we ever offered, and for good reason: it’s not flat and one-dimensional but has a lot of complexity going on, comparable to a sheng cake of the same period. Over it’s long aging period, it developed a strong fragrance, mostly reminiscent of ginseng but with other layers as well.

This is one of the best examples of clean-stored 1980s shou puerh, and as a bonus the price is very modest for genuine old puerh of this quality and storage. This kind of bricks are hard to date precisely but it was given as 80s by our source Mr Li and we agree that it’s most likely sometimes in the 1980s, with a small chance of late 70s or early 90s.

250 grams nominal, some weight loss with time.


7 grams, 25 grams, full brick

4 reviews for 1980s Mr Li’s Shou Brick “Noble Heart”

  1. Nick M.

    This is fragrant: top notes of aromatic sweet wood, intermingled with savoury aromas. The palate is indeed ‘clean’, with distinct caraway and rye flavours, and with a layer of sweetness too. It’s quite unlike shou I’ve (inadvertently!) had in the past with the exception of how the wet leaves look in the pot – very dark, ‘dry’ and don’t hydrate as sheng leaves do. Otherwise you wouldn’t know it wasn’t old sheng! In fact the tea pours crystal clear, mid to dark amber. You can brew it hard and it doesn’t muddy, with better than expected durability.

  2. John O. (verified owner)

    Remaining this one “Noble Heart”
    Over the past year, I’ve been deep into a tea practice. Mainly Shou Puerh, a few sheng sprinkled in. I sit for about an hour or two each day in deep contemplation, I find the chi energy is critical for the quality of the experience. I’ve sat with dozens of different teas, this one has been my favorite. Deep, peaceful, noble, opens the wisdom channel deeply. My wife was in the midst of a mental breakdown one morning, menopause related, in a hour with this tea it was like a deep dark energy cleared and she had gotten a piece of insight that shifted her in such a profound way. She doesn’t like Puerh but this is her favorite. She is the one that named it Noble heart. Bought 5 bricks!

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    Image #1 from John O.
  3. ColinM (verified owner)

    Complex aroma with a really distinctive notes of dank, dark, autumnal woodland.
    Definitely a smooth, sweet and refreshing brew

  4. Kasey S. (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite teas! It’s grounding and heart opening. I love the aroma and taste.

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