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  • Very fine old shou
  • Taiwan dry storage (very clean taste)
  • Traditional lotus ‘chen xiang’ (aged tea aroma)
  • Good calming Qi, good aftertaste and thickness.

Golden needle white lotus is the name given to various shou puerh made from 80s (or earlier) to today, both as loose leaf (80s-90s) and cake (more recently). Generally a premium grade of shou puerh given its small buds and leaf composition, having a flavour that’s both concentrated, dense and in this case also really clean.

This is the only kind of shou we like to drink: the long dry storage gives it a very clean taste while still being thick, soupy, with good presence in mouth and throat, generally a very fine shou and with beautiful aromas. The energy is a grounded calm with no jitteriness.

From taste and history me and Mr Chen believe this to be most likely a 1980s vintage, but I’m not 100% certain (shou is harder to date by taste than sheng), it might be early-mid 90s. Brews dark and thick.

Various sizes bag available


25 grams, 75 grams (bag), 250 grams (bag), 500 grams (bag)


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