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  • Mr Chen’s home Taiwan dry storage
  • Multi-layered da ye (big leaves) taste
  • Very relaxing deep Qi

Da ye, means “big leaves” left on the tree from the previous months. Da Ye (and Huang Pian) Puerh tends to be soft and have a more yin energy (as opposed to fresh leaves being very yang).

The age? Mr Chen thinks it should be pretty old (70s-80s), I frankly have no idea how to date a da ye/huang pian brick as it’s not something I drink often, the taste is closer to a drier stored early 1990s “normal leaves” puerh, but the Qi is calming and deep like an older tea.

If you value calming/deep Qi, want something unique, or a comfortable-sweet-complex brew this is a great find. If not, probably still worth trying a sample, even just for education value.


Mr Chen’s introduction

There’s actually a lot of old tea in Taiwan at much more reasonable prices than in mainland China, unfortunately most of what is found in Taiwan is too wet stored. Mr Chen, a personal friend of ours, old time collector, bought a few tongs of various teas during the 90s and early 2000s (before prices skyrocketed), and has been storing them in his home (dryly) since.

This kind of tea in China sells for crazy money, it’s very lucky we’ve access to these at all, Mr Chen has sold them to us at a very generous price and we pass the great deal on to you.

250g bricks, weight loss due to aging. Single bricks are naked, 4 bricks in their original paper.



7 grams, 25 grams, full brick, 4 bricks

1 review for Mr Chen’s Old Da Ye/”Cultural revolution” Brick

  1. Nick M.

    Sweet moss aromas, steeps want to be pushed (for my preference), milky taste, sweet, background wood notes, with fair persistence. Feels cleansing, and induces a settled state of mind.

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