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Di Cao Qing clay (original ore) sourced from private reserve which has been frozen and unfrozen for many times (this is a process to make the clay have better performance, although it’s clearly so labour intensive as to be very rare), multi-hole filter. The maker of this clay saw HZT works, was very touched by them and as a result gifted him some of this very special clay (enough to make only five teapots with, and we thankfully got one to share with you).

We find this clay is particularly suited for semi-aged Puerh and is generally quite versatile, what we would call “light zini” (not as fully “rounding” as aged zini). Also suitable for other teas like roasted oolongs, aged oolongs and black tea.

This is a unique teapot fully hand pinched by the master himself. About 6 of these can be made in a month, and 1 or 2 will break in the firing on average. Occasionally, a teapot won’t pass his extremely stringent proportion and harmony standards and will be rejected too.

The attention to detail is stunning, the clay is excellent, the harmony of proportions and overall beauty is perfect, and it really has a spirit of its own. Master He Zhong Tai full introduction. We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer these teapots to western tea lovers at lower than their price in China.


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