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Old zini clay from Huanglong Mountain (original ore) aged and held in private reserve, multi-hole filter. This is truly excellent clay for those dark, aged and semi-aged puerh (sheng or shou).

“This clay is very breathable (porous) and has the effect of concentrating the Qi and improving purity of the tea. It is very suitable for old tea or cooked tea.” – He Zhong Tai (also a master puerh brewer).

This is a unique teapot fully hand pinched by the master himself. About 6 of these can be made in a month, and 1 or 2 will break in the firing on average. Occasionally, a teapot won’t pass his extremely stringent proportion and harmony standards and will be rejected too.

The attention to detail is stunning, the clay is excellent, the harmony of proportions and overall beauty is perfect, and it really has a spirit of its own. Master He Zhong Tai full introduction. We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer these teapots to western tea lovers at lower than their price in China.

Note: this teapot has been used a few times. We do not believe this impact the quality in any way but mention it for completeness.


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