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  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Very educative, especially since i was able to compare ot with the 2006 CGHT Chawang (Autmun), and the 2021 CYH Chawangshu, the parallels are obvious.

    CGHT had the most oily mouthfeel, the Gold Mark (probably) the most overall Performance, yet i enjoyed the Chwangshu the most, due to more interesting flavour.

    Not sure if Chawangshu or Gold Marl is superior, have to try that again.

    2016 Gold Mark Gua Feng Zhai (T5)2016 Gold Mark Gua Feng Zhai (T5)

  2. Paul (verified owner)

    Thanks for the opportunity to try this vareity.

    Brew Puerh like a ProBrew Puerh like a Pro

  3. Paul

    The P/V here is really good.

    Towards the end of the session it struck me, how much complexity in terms of flavour these
    leaves were able to maintain: initially, camphor, mushroom, subtly sweet; later, still camphor and mushroom but more obivous honey/ floral/ fruity sweetness. Qi is of good quality, slowly but steadily taking over.

    One of the offers i would really consider.

    2005 Green Mark MengKu ChaWang (T4-)2005 Green Mark MengKu ChaWang (T4-)

  4. Paul

    High price tag is quite justified, since – to my surprise – there’s no (if only a touch) of storage taste present. What Paolo described in the “Brew Pu’er Like a Pro “- Video, was observable here, a kinda merged taste of Ginseng. Aside from the fact that you have to push the tea – due to the age – it keeps it’s promises!

    1980s Mr Chen's Yeun Neun 1980s Mr Chen’s Yeun Neun “Fu lu gong”

  5. Chris Richardson (verified owner)

    Smooth tea with a soft, settling effect on the qi; inherently calming the mind. There is a hint of a nutty tone that stays slightly out of reach, making a delightful tasting sensation. Each taste enwraps the tongue softly and quiets the soul.

    1999 Mr Chen's Da Ye ZhengShan MTF Special Order1999 Mr Chen’s Da Ye ZhengShan MTF Special Order

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