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  1. Paul

    First brews were -for my taste- too adstringent and not pleasantly bitter (unlike Lao Man E). The Cha Qi was quite good, HuiGan was sort of creamy afterglow and the mouthfeel OK.

    Nevertheless i will try to keep initial steeping times shorter, for my next sessions, and am grateful that a friend passed me a sample of this, since it’s really educational.

    2003 Chen Yuan Hao Manzhuan Ancient Tree (T4-)2003 Chen Yuan Hao Manzhuan Ancient Tree (T4-)

  2. Colin-M

    Like Guillaume, I found this came across more like a Shu than a Sheng.
    It reminded me of Paolo’s 1980s Mr Chen’s Ding Xing Hao in this respect and I’ve tasted other Shengs of Paolo’s that I prefer to this (OK it’s sold out….)

    1998-2003 Mr Chen's Superior Leaf sheng brick1998-2003 Mr Chen’s Superior Leaf sheng brick

  3. Dean (verified owner)

    Grandpa brewed was ok

    2017 Green Mark Guo Gan (T4)2017 Green Mark Guo Gan (T4)

  4. Dean (verified owner)

    Juicy leaves and decent durability, but still waiting for the strength. Hopefully it will improve with time.

    1990s Mr Chen 8582 Menghai special order (T5)1990s Mr Chen 8582 Menghai special order (T5)

  5. James T (verified owner)

    Super clean and very smooth, but relatively simple in flavor. Medium-thick mouth feel. Initial flavor was nice and If I had to describe it, I’d say sweet dough and betel nut, but somewhat generic. Later infusions simply had an old book flavor. The flavor intensity is medium at the most.

    2005 Chen Yuan Hao Shanzhong Chuanqi (T4+)2005 Chen Yuan Hao Shanzhong Chuanqi (T4+)

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