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Meaning of some chinese in tea names, the rest are names of areas:

  • HuangShan = uncultivated
  • GaoGan = tall pole tree
  • DanZhu = single tree
  • GuoYouLin = State protected forest (in Yiwu)
  • Daughter tea (Nuercha) = a particularly high grade of puerh that would be used for a dowry
  • GuShu = old or ancient tree (ancient trees in this case)
  • TeDaGuShu = extra large ancient tree



2020 yiwu huangshan gaogan daughter tea danzhu 200g, 2021 manxiu huangshan daughter tea 250g, 2018 yibi danzhu 250g, 2019 manzhuan huangshan gaogan gushu 250g, 2018 guoyoulin water source area huangshan gushu 250g, 2015 yibi danzhu tedagushu (specially made) ~370g, 2019 mahei da hei sen ling (big black forest) guoyoulin gaogan gushu 357g

2 reviews for Bi Yun Hao Elite productions

  1. Nick M. (verified owner)

    A 9 year old tea of great depth, intensity and aromas. Strikingly scented empty bowl brew after brew, much longer into the session than I’d have expected. Durable (patient) tea for an extremely long session, with deep calming qi. Plenty of substance for further development too. A benchmark gushu in my opinion that ticked all the boxes.

  2. Guillaume C. (verified owner)

    I was lucky enough to be able to snatch two very different cakes (a 2019 Manzhuan Huangshan Gaogan Gushucha and a 2021 Manxiu Huangshan Nuercha). Both excellent, although in quite different ways: great strength for the 2019 Manzhuan, extreme delicacy for the 2021 Manxiu. Both very very clean. Grateful for this opportunity.

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