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Buy advance credits for the Taiwan Collector Experience.

Each £1/$1/€1/AUD1/CAD1 will be worth 25% more (for example buy 100 get 125).


Special treats:

  1. I’ll select one of the best old puerh cakes I come across in too small quantity to sell. If you buy at least £210/$250/€250/CAD330/AUD375 of credit (before bonus) you’ll get a part of these legendary cakes (minimum 10g, likely more). Note that with a purchase of this amount you’ll also get free shipping.
  2. If you buy at least £425/$500/€500/CAD675/AUD750 of credit (before bonus), you will also receive (within the following 24 hours) a preview invitation to see and purchase some Mr Chen’s tea we already have here in UK (shipping soon).
  3. If you buy at least £850/$1000/€1000/CAD1350/AUD1500 of credit (before bonus), you will also receive early release access (~24 hours) for all the releases during the experience (for some of the tea with the smallest quantity available). Maximum 8 people.


Advance credit bonus (and special treats) can only be bought during November and is for use during the Taiwan Collector Experience (not for tea already present on the website or Mr Chen’s preview).

Payments with Paypal in EUR/USD/CAD/AUD will receive a 20% bonus (instead of 25%), as Paypal charges us around 8% on foreign currency transactions. Please use debit/credit card option if possible.

Should you not find anything you like, you have until the end of 2023 to finish your advance credit, the only limitation is it cannot be used for products currently on the website.

If you buy advance credit we’ll automatically subscribe you to the immediate update newsletter so you can see the teas as soon as they’re available (unsubscribe anytime).

Note: in the pictures are a few examples of the kind of tea we expect to find, not the actual teas.


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