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  • 100% pure ancient tree BaiChaYuan
  • Impressive depth and complexity in taste and aroma
  • Dense strong taste and long aftertaste
  • Deeply satisfying Qi

BaiChaYuan (BCY) is near ChaWangShu and it’s a similar tea with few important differences: BCY has extremely strong and complex aromatics (floral and fruity), it still retains good power and dense heavy taste but mostly shines in the aromatics and evolution over the session. The Qi is less in-your-face powerful and much more subtle deeply comforting and satisfying. The two teas are a beautiful subtle contrast to each other (both have very good sweetness, nice bitterness and strong aftertaste as standard base).

Just like its brother ChaWangShu, real, full powered 100% pure ancient tree BCY is rarely seen on the open market.

Good in that effortless, no-faults typical of CYH tea, likely the best BaiChaYuan available on the open market. Aged by CYH in their own dry and hot storage environment. Brew it strong, this tea shines with complex aromatics, deep Qi and a lot of transformation.

There are 6 cakes in 1 tong, buy 1tong and get an extra cake + an extra slice of Gold Mark Gua Feng Zhai.

357g cakes and approx. 85g slices.


1 gram, 1/4 slice, full cake, 1 tong (6 cakes)+1 cake


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