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  • Thick and sweet semi-aged Yiwu
  • Great Taiwan dry/natural storage (well aged but clean)
  • Bold, patient, strong aftertaste
  • Leaves quality similar to 2003-2007 CYH and 2004-2006 BYH cakes

DaYou, one of the earliest Taiwanese Puerh boutique brands co-produced 2003 “Tong Qing Hao” with Chen Yuan Hao and later went on to do their own productions.

The combination of smooth thick sweet with some bold flavour make this very enjoyable, some energising Qi rounds it up. Very patient, and the aftertaste stays long after the session too.

DaYou sells this limited production (3000 cakes) cake for 18000TWD (approx £450/$580) and it’s probably worth it at that price too.

Big 375g cakes nominal, minimal weight loss over the years because of aging.



open cake (more than 320 grams), full cake

2 reviews for 2009 DaYou “3000 Beloved” Yiwu

  1. Nick M.

    Immediately very aromatic in the pot, principally sweet jasmin and honey with other earthier notes.

    Savoury aromatics arise from the bowl in the early steps. Super clean, no trace of processing, and excellent depth to the soup, which is shining dark amber.

    Just enough underlying phenolic structure – oh so comfortable and providing a touch of firmness to the tea that emphasises its persistence that cools the palate.

    There’s a retuning sweetness and a developing texture along with a savoury autumnal leaf note and another savoury note that’s hard to put a finger on (but very alluring!).

    This is a tea that goes on and on, with qi that calms the senses.

    The interaction of tastes, structural elements and aromas are absolutely coherent. It might be semi-aged but the storage has darkened the leaves and it’s a delight already.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Haven’t try this one yet but expecting the best!

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