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  • Strong base, good durability, clean old tree leaves
  • Calming and deep Qi
  • Classic complex woody/sweet Youle taste profile

A very reasonably priced old tree tea, but I really enjoyed the purity and cleanliness of this one. The only defect compared to a cake like the 2006 XZH Youle is that because this tea was stored as maocha, the aroma is less intense.

This tea, while being excellent material, was never pressed as a cake (likely because of the 07 puerh market crash) – the DSG got ahold of it in the late 2000s and kept it in Taiwan since.

Limited offering, some 300 grams and 600 grams bag may be available later. Please buy a 25/75 grams bag first and shoot us an email if you’d like more.

Dry Storage Gentlemen (DSG) introduction

We try a lot of new sources all the time, both when we meet tea lovers in Taiwan and also people we’re introduced to by our existing network. The more time passes, the less we find good new sources, both because we’re more and more picky and also because there’s really a limited amount of people that both have great tea and reasonable prices. DSG is our first new source since approx March 2023, we were impressed by their knowledge, variety and quality of tea and of course the storage!

The Dry Storage Gentlemen are a group of old Taiwanese collectors obsessed with fine teas stored hot and dry, most of them are veterans of 20+ years in Puerh and have commissioned and collected a lot of impressive teas with material that’s really hard to find today.



1 gram, 25 grams, 75 grams jar, 75 grams (bag), 300 grams (bag), 600 grams (bag)


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