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  • Bingdao from before it was famous
  • Good thickness, aftertaste, floral aromas
  • Wider bingdao area big tree cake
  • Great contemplative/calming Qi
  • Great hot/dry storage

Before prices for BingDao skyrocketed, factories like Mengku Shuang Jiang made teas like this without making a big deal out of it. This is a pretty rare/limited edition cake but the price is very modest given the quality (this tea sells for higher in Taiwan, higher still in mainland China).

It’s also possible there’s a 10-20% of old tree material in the blend (keep in mind 10-20% is what most people, even experts, call gushu!) But regardless, leaves are very good and minimum big tree.

It drinks very clean, has a bit of astringency but well balanced by thick/dense taste. Complex mostly floral-based aromas and taste, good durability, aftertaste and huigan.

At this price, it’s near impossible finding an aged BingDao of this quality, and very difficult for younger ones too.

The Qi is really nice. The more I think about it the more I want to keep it for myself…

400g big cake.

2 reviews for 2007 Mengku Shuang Jiang Bingdao (T4-)

  1. Tomáš (verified owner)

    Big dissapointment, instead of taiwan dry storage (which is opposite to wet storage) the tea is more like dried to death in European countries. If I compare it to 5 year old teas aged directly by SanHeTang, this tea is basically dead. Not undrinkable but definitely unenjoyable.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Another SMR tea that I enjoy. Puzzled by other review citing super dry storage. I found this to be pretty middleground in the big puerh storage spectrum. In fact, this is currently (for my taste) at peak enjoyment for this storage. Anyway this is a pretty classic SMR, though a bit higher quality than their average. My only complaint would be the price but I’m guessing that’s just where prices are for teas like this now. Back in the day this was dirt cheap and I wish it was now but that’s unrealistic. Prices at PuerhUK are generally lower than average so I’d guess that that’s the case for this tea too! Funny that in the case of semi-aged teas, big factory meh-quality teas have comparable prices to high quality material “gushu” like XZH/BYH etc.

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