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  • Uncultivated Yiwu (likely big and small tree blend)
  • Sweet, soft, clean classic Yiwu taste
  • Some calming Qi
  • Taiwan hot/dry storage

This JingPin (“Elite”/”Boutique”) is the grade of quality above the “2006 CHGT Yiwu Ye Cha” cake (but below the 2006 Yiwu Chawang, which, particularly in its spring version, is a very famous and expensive cake).

2023 Yiwu harvest of this quality costs more than this very friendly price (This cake is 357grams, if it was 200grams the equivalent price is $84), courtesy of Mr Daniel who bought this in 2006 and stored it since. It’s got what you want’d from an easy Yiwu at about twice its price: gently calming Qi, good aroma, a very pleasantly sweet and smooth brew with good durability. 1 tong only.

Big 357g cakes nominal, minimal weight loss over the years because of aging.



open cake (~280 grams), full cake


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