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  • Thick, rich, sweet and good aftertaste
  • Calming Qi
  • Well aged dark “Menghai taste

Stored in HK first, then dry with Mr Chen in Taiwan, this cake is overall very well aged for being late 90s, though not as dry stored as the Mr Chen 90s 8582 Menghai Special Order (which both by storage and leaf quality is an easy Tier 5 cake, but also costs more than twice as much). After energetically rinsing the first cup there’s no significant storage flavours, normal “natural storage”.

There’s a reason people pay a lot more than this for the Menghai Taste: this tea is very thick, sweet and satisfying. Smooth but with sheng puerh power. The quality of the leaf is about on par (perhaps a touch better) with the standard late 90s Menghai 8582 (a classic). Indeed, this is very affordable for this dark and powerful sheng puerh, recommended to snap one if you like the taste of old puerh.

357g cakes, weight loss due to aging.



25 grams, full cake

1 review for 1990s Mr Chen 8582 Menghai special order #3

  1. Guillaume C. (verified owner)

    Instantly fell in love ! Sure, it’s possible (though it’s rare) for a tea this age to be cleaner, but if you like old tea, specially old tea from Menghai, it’s impossible to be disappointed here. Interesting variations in flavour and aging ‘rate’ between the heart and the edge of the cake. Dark, thick, deep, really patient.

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